We are almost there!

That's what they say here in Germany, which is were we play live gigs most of the year.

But still... we seem to need a little more patience, before we can play gigs again. Alongside many other musicians around the world, we hope that culture will pick up soon again!

Until then... we are looking forward to Juli, as we have dates planed for then:


Tickets: 09.07.21 - 8.00 pm - 06886 Wittenberg, Hofwirtschaft


Tickets: 16.07.21 - 7.00 pm - 39326 Zielitz, Bibliothek


Tickets: 19.07.21 - 8.00 pm - 18581 Putbus, Theater


Tickets: 23.07.21 - 6.30 pm - 38835, Osterwiecker Sommernachtträume


Tickets: 24.07.21 - 8.00 pm - 37181 Hardegsen, Burg Hardeg


Tickets: 25.07.21 - 39104 Magdeburg, Festung Mark


Tickets: 27.07.21 - 18347 Ahrenshoop, Sommerkonzerte


Tickets: 29.07.21 - 17272 Diemitz, Biberferienhof


Check out other concert dates here. Hope to see you then!



I had this vision as a child!

During one night I saw me standing on stage with this so unique connection to the people in front of me, that you can only experience at a live concert. I am so very happy that this vision came true, so we chose to make this little "Thank you" video for you guys out there, supporting our little band!!

Have fun watching it...



We really miss playing live and seeing you all... not just during the concerts! Those little chats before and after a gig are just as much important to us. Not seeing you is hard, so we thought that we let you in behind the scenes and made this little "Backstage-Video" for you.

It shows you, how we write a song - "Alles zählt!" means "It all counts".

It is about the fact, that it does not matter who you are or where you are. It is only important, what you do. This is what counts these days!

The song is not quite finished yet... who knows what it will turn out to be!