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Donation - Dar as Mãos

The first time the Jeanine Vahldiek Band got to know the little town Tarrafal de Monte Trigo was on vacation 2014. On the lookout for a project that was worthy their support and which could gain their trust through honesty and competence, the two musicians found their way into Dar as Mãos ("Give a hand"). This is a non-profit organisation on site in Cap Verde, Santo Antão, aiming for goals that get achieved.

On their last visit in January 2018 the two noticed with pleasure, that "things really get done in this little town, when one actually does something". The medical situation in Tarrafal is regarded as one of the best on the island. Social emergency is treated one step at a time. The chance to get an education is clearly enhanced through the initiative "Join In". An understanding for the nature and the environmental protection is getting placed into the heads of the 1000 inhabitants and a cultural exchange is taking place in very loving way.

The band is not just mesmerized from the music of Cap Verde! The warmth and friendliness of the villager of Tarrafal, the quietness of the bay and the modest thankfulness in combination with the ability of "being happy with so little", strengthens the band even more in their decision to support. 1€ per sold CD as well as other donations goes personally to this enchanting village.

You can get more Info here or for a personal contact with the project management of Dar as Mãos write a mail to the band!